Razi Insurance Co. was established on early 2003 upon Act of Establishment of Non-Government Institutes, Aug. 2001, of Islamic Parliament, and permission no. 5194 dated 18/5/2003 of Central Insurance Co., to develop insurance culture, to promote insurace services quality, and to expand competence in insurance industry, with the capital of Rls.140,000 million, which its capital increased to Rls.2,000 billion in 2014. Its shareholders composition was modified in 2013, and now it is composed of a set of individuals and legal entities. Up to now, Razi Insurance Co. has employed more than 600 skillful staff and has established 42 branches, 1040 general insurance agencies, and 482 life insurance agenices, and cooperates with more than 414 insurance brokers, and could introduce itself as a trustful company to public and private organizations. Also, Razi Insurance Co. has provided a confidence hedge to guarantee its obligations through well-known international reinsurance companies.

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