Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Undoubtedly, God heals all diseases. By Islamic narrations, a disease is as a jail for body and is a hard disaster. People inevitably entrap in this jail. Health is an endowment and protecting people against disease is the best action.

Promotion of services is requested by people. Due to the importance and emphasizing on examination of strategies for promotion of treatment services of country, Razi Insurance Co.

Treatment costs are increasing and are from the important concerns of people. Thus, group treatment insurance is offered by this company to cover parts of treatment costs by people’s basic insurance (Treatment Services Insurance Organization, and Social Security Organization). The goal of this policy is extension of treatment services to improve access to services, to decrease direct treatment costs, and to supply parts of heavy costs of low-income people and special diseases patients.

Conditions for applicants of treatment insurance

Each insured persons must have been covered by a basic insurance (Treatment Services Insurance Organization, Social Security Organization, and Treatment Services of Military Forces Organization).

Minimum insured persons must be more than 50 people, provided that at least 70% of insured persons are covered.

Note: Family members include spouse, children, father, mother, and other supported people.

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