Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance

According to article 1 of Civil Responsibility Act of 1960, everyone is responsible to compensate his act casing any material or non-material damage or loss to others. This act covers a spread scope and a type of insurance can be defined for every person by his business.

Types of responsibility insurances are:

Master responsibility against staff

According to article 91 of Labor Act, masters and directors of subject workshops are required to supply health, hygiene, and security of workers in their work place; to provide necessary facilities and equipment; to train necessary skills; and to monitor considering protective and hygienic regulations. Accordingly, in case of an accident causing injury, disability, or death, judicial authorities generally blame masters and require them to compensate the damages or pay atonement. This policy includes compensation of life accidents of staff during working.

Types of civil responsibility insurances against their parties

Every person may endanger others by his daily activities. One of the examples is collapse of adjacent buildings during digging in a construction project. Other examples are responsibilities of hotels, restaurants, funfairs, administrations, organizations, public places and municipality managers.

Responsibility insurance of manufacturers

It is possible a drawback in a produced product causes corporal or financial damages to consumers during consumption. In this case, manufacturers are legally responsible to compensate the damage. This is covered by this policy.

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