Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance Policies:

a) Third Party Liability Insurance

Legally, all vehicle owners are obliged to insure their liabilities against third parties. This policy indemnifies two kinds of damages:

Property damages:Covers property damages to third party caused by the driver in accidents.

Bodily Injury:Covers death, disability, permanent or temporary disablement, and medical expenses caused by accidents.

b) Driver's Accident Cover

This policy pays damages incurred to drivers.

Driver's Accident Covers limits are:

  • Death indemnification
  • Permanent or temporary (complete or partial) disabilities
  • Compensation ofmedical expenses (out/inpatient) up to 10% of limit.

c) Motor Hull Insurance

This policy covers insured against theft, fire, explosion, accident and damages for fees and spare parts with the price at thedate of accident.

Note: In case of no claim or accident the insured will be eligible for no claim discounts.

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