Special Insurance

Special Insurance

Building quality assurance policy

The goal of this policy is helping protecting national wealth, improvement of security of manufacturers and investors of construction sector, protecting rights of consumers, promotion of buildings’ quality and standards. This policy covers financial damages due to hidden drawbacks of buildings including complete collapse, corruption prevention costs, cleansing and waste removal, and so on.

Credit insurance

This policy is for banks and credit institutions or institutions that intend to sell goods by installments. Credit insurance covers claims of these institutions from vendees or creditors. Obviously, in case of payment of damages by insurer, it is representative of policy holder for collecting claims.

Money insurance

This policy is for financial institutions that must keep or transfer large amounts of cash money b their activity types. Money insurance has two sections: section 1 is covering money inventory or cash inventory; and section 2, which is called circulating amounts, covers cash amounts handled between branches of insurer or between insurers and banks. This policy covers fire, theft, and sometimes natural dangers such as flood, earthquake, landslide, etc.

Energy insurance

This policy covers oil and gas extraction tools and structures and other sea and land energy resources against physical accidents.

Airplane insurance

This policy is a combination of three covers: a) airplane body insurance, b) passenger causualty insurance, c) owner and pilot responsibility against their persons

Ship insurance

This policy usually covers ship body, and sometimes covers responsibilities of owners and captains.

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