Press conference of Razi Insurance CEO:

Press conference of Razi Insurance CEO:


Razi Insurance Co. is the first and only company in Iran which received an international credit rate.

Razi Insurance public relations: Razi Insurance CEO’s press conference was held in Razi Insurance’s head office on Saturday October 22nd 2016.

Dr. Younes Mazlumi declared that Razi Insurance has received the credit rating from the international rating institute “Capital Intelligence”.

The Razi Insurance Co. is the first and only insurance company which has been able to obtain credit rate from European Union.

Razi Insurance Company is rated A+ at the Iranian market and B+ at the international level. Mazlumi mentioned that: since the beginning of this year Razi has gained 4,900,000,000 IRR of premiums, which shows 70 percent premium growth over the same period last year.

He said: In Razi Insurance Co. we are trying to increase our market share not only the means but also considered as our profitability, maintain solvency and offers reasonable prices so which allows us to provide reasonable risk coverage.

He added that: In Razi, each staff must pass 70 hours of on job training courses per year. In this regard the Razi Insurance Co. has provided really effective service to the Iranian insurance Industry.


  • Date: 10/23/2016
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